The Blue product family, named after the color synonymous with technology, blue, was designed to offer secure and comfortable electrical solutions in line with the advancing technology. One of the standout products of the Blue family, Blue Socket, was developed for desktop use. Positioned on the desk, beside the desk, or inside a cable tray with various connection solutions, Blue Socket enables long cables to be neatly wound around it, creating organized workspaces thanks to the optional cable winding component.

In environments where mobility is crucial and there is a need for electricity, the portable Blue Socket with type-C and type-A USB sockets offers uninterrupted power and comfort to users without the need for an adapter. Furthermore, a small shelf on top is designed for the positioning of your technological devices during charging. With its aesthetic appearance that blends well with various settings, Blue Socket, with its height conforming to desk standards and easy access to the socket, helps you create productive work and living spaces.

Utkan Kızıltuğ

With the advancement of technology, the need for electricity usage in offices is steadily increasing and undergoing transformation. Blue, a product family named after the color blue, which is synonymous with technology, offers a wide range of electrical equipment to end-users, including sockets, USB ports, and socket stands. One of the standout products in this family is the Blue Socket, which promises users a comfortable experience with its aesthetic design and an optional cable winding component that prevents excessive cable clutter by positioning it around the socket. The Blue Socket Stand, on the other hand, adds mobility to sockets, making electricity usage more convenient. With an aesthetic perspective on the mobility aspect of the product, the stand, which is compatible with the standard height of desks and provides easy access to the socket, helps create productive working and living spaces.


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H : 109
L : 22
W : 22

H : 4,4
W : 8,1
L : 25,3

H : 6,5
W : 10,8
L : 19,3

H : 1,5
W : 10,8
L : 19,3

H : 2,5
W : 10,8
L : 19,3


    Metal surfaces must be wiped with cleaners that do not contain abrasives, and then dried with a soft cloth. Cleaning materials with abrasive chemicals, alcohol or those that are solvent-based should not be used on painted metal surfaces.