Because of the globalisation and developments in the digital world, people have started to travel more often. As the waiting units used in the terminals started to serve more passengers for longer periods, comfort is now as important as the durability. Now, a product must be both comfortable and durable.

Bürotime aims to turn the waiting into comfort by adapting itself to changing dynamics and adding technological solutions to its products featuring and comfort. In the increasingly digitalized world, it offers flexible and practical solutions thanks to its electrification products that are positioned in the waiting units in accordance with the established standards to meet the power need resulted from frequent use of mobile devices.


The products in gates where people wait for long hours to travel should fulfil certain requirements in terms of comfort and durability. These products are designed to serve for many years without compromising hygiene, fireproof and safety concerns. They provide electrification solutions for smart mobile phones, tablets and notebooks, which have become an indispensable companion of a traveller.


Comfort is the main concern for lounge areas that are designed to make long waiting times at the airport more pleasant. These areas, where people are able to find tea, coffee and food as well as working and resting areas, have become more important for the corporate prestige. Colours and materials used for decoration purposes should not only be calm and relaxing, but also should have an aesthetic value.

Common Areas

Products are selected purposely in the common areas which are created to meet the various needs of passengers in long or short waiting times. There are many types of product groups with various characteristics are used in common areas such as cafés and waiting areas from high chairs to multiple waiting units.


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