Since customer satisfaction plays a key role in success of business, number and quality of call centres have increased significantly in the recent decade. Effective use of the area is one of the most important criteria in call centres, since the operation floor may accommodate numerous employees within the defined area. This is where ergonomics comes into play: it ensures the products are able to accommodate long sitting hours. Sound insulation is also important considering long phone conversations. If the total area is used in the most effective manner and the design allows the employee to personalise his or her own space, this will not only increase the motivation of the employee but his or her productivity.

Open Offices

In order to maximise productivity in the open-plan offices and call centres where a large number of personnel are employed, customisable workstations should be used, safe storage areas for personal items should be provided, and ergonomic details such as adjustable seats, keyboards should be taken into consideration. Appropriate lighting and use of furniture with aesthetic value makes the working environment productive. The acoustic solutions that reduce noise level are as important as furniture.

Social Areas

Call centres have high employee turnover rates. Setting up social areas, resting rooms, play rooms and breastfeeding rooms, where the employee will feel good, relax and meet their needs, will increase employee happiness and loyalty.

Meeting/ Training Rooms

Furniture used in areas that can be designed to provide solutions to the needs such as seminars, events and training should also be flexible and well-equipped.


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