Working dynamics changed due to flexible working hours have begun to convert the offices into homes, and the homes into offices. As the traffic and transportation issues have increasingly become the biggest challenges of the big cities, and the mobile devices and internet have become faster and proliferated in recent years, working from home has increased significantly. Units that will boost up the concentration and effective working, and are designed to provide solutions to all the needs of the users in the working space are indispensable elements of the home office environment.

Home office products should accommodate intelligently positioned units and storing spaces where the required materials are kept, and should be designed in a way to incite the motivation of work without going off the general atmosphere of the house.


As the culture of working from home has gained momentum, the functionality and aesthetics of the products used for working purposes inside the houses have become important. Due to fast life style in big cities, and the fact that people could not find enough time to spend their families, people have started to prefer a working space that is intertwined with the living area inside the house instead of a separate working room. The home office products, which have been designed with a view to use the allocated space at the optimum level, fit in with the home environment with the materials and colours used and increase the functionality thanks to the units and accessories. Thus, they offer a more concentrated and organised working environment without compromising the warmth and feeling of home.


In addition to workstations designed for open office environments where people get together to work as a team, there is a need for more individual products that support concentration and boost creativity. Home office products do not only offer an ideal solution for employees who want to feel the warmth of a house at the office, but also fit in with any decoration preferences at the office thanks to variety of colours and wide selection of materials.


In the hotel rooms where the people stay for holiday or business purposes, the details that will make people feel at home are important. In addition to the materials and colours used in decoration, furniture should be both functional and visually appealing to create a warm atmosphere. Thanks to the compact structure of the products, a small office space inside the room will make especially business trips more efficient. Apart from the hotel rooms, the products that can be used in the workstations in common areas may create neat working spaces even in small areas with storage units and accessories.


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