Although the word meeting holds a single-minded statement within itself, today there are various types of meetings. “Educational Meetings”, “Guiding Meetings”, “Informative Meetings”, “Coordination Meetings”etc. These meetings become distinct with regards to their agendas, they fundamentally share similar structures.

Meetings are discussions conducted in a formal or much more intimate manner where ideas are exchanged by two or more people for the purpose of resolving problems that are detected about a particular subject.

Aside from employees putting their heads together in order to solve a problem, it may have the purpose of making relationships among executives or units more permanent, fluid and healthier in order to ensure employees coordinating among each other more successfully. While all of these scenarios have differences in themselves, physical necessities are generally the same. Bürotime’s extensive product range includes products that are designed by taking into consideration the basic building blocks and differences of these scenarios. You can make your own scenario, and position appropriate meeting elements as you like.


With “Elements” it is possible to create dream workspaces that can be personalized! Removing borders and allowing various combinations, the concept generates desired living spaces with substantial product alternatives that can smoothly switch among each other.