Bürotime, with its new workspace concept Elements, conveys today’s employees and work life to users through its solutions that shape future offices in terms of habits, needs and work styles. In dynamic and innovation-oriented careers of the 21st century, employees are now expected to be creative visionary in all sectors, and not just in arts and design. At this point, getting to know the employee, and establishing optimum conditions towards their various needs, as well as providing motivation is very important.

Developed with reference to all these needs and necessities, Elements composes motivating, comfortable and creative workspaces using all the product range it has in its Bürotime brand portfolio.

Elements is Bürotime’s new office concept that is capable of responding to different users and different scenarios in an office. On one hand offering solutions to diversity, on the other it is comprised of pieces of a whole that holds together flexible and infinite number of solutions that complement each other. It builds habitable workspaces with the harmony among all pieces.


With “Elements” it is possible to create dream workspaces that can be personalized! Removing borders and allowing various combinations, the concept generates desired living spaces with substantial product alternatives that can smoothly switch among each other.