Design Week Turkey contributing to the design culture in the country and continue to expose Turkish designers to the entire world, now in its 8th year, was held on November 14th-17th, 2019 at Haliç Congress Center. The winners of “Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards” were announced in the event under the theme of“Beyond Design.” Burotime shaping the future with the products created to meet the expectations and necessities of the upcoming working culture has been deemed worthy of  the “Superior Design Awards” in the Office Furniture category with  Era Home, developed focusing home office solutions.

Design Week Turkey, regarded as the most extensive design event in the country, recognizes outstanding designs that add value and give competitive advantage to the product in international and domestic markets  with the “Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards” granted every year.  These awards stand as the embodiment of the benefits of design to the society and industry. The winners of the event in its eighth year were announced at Istanbul Halic Convention Center on Friday November 15th and the awards were granted in two different categories: “Good Design” and “Superior Design”. When a good design is innovative, provides a unique aesthetic experience to its user, meets health and safety needs, it is qualified as a product with superior features and is granted the Superior Design Award, the highest degree in the competition.

Era Home, a collection in home office product line of Burotime, has been rewarded with “Superior Design Awards” in Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards 2019. The brand develops its products with the aim to improve motivation and productivity of employees, enabling them to adapt to changing conditions of the business life and the Era Home is a demonstration of a design that can eliminate all borders and create a comfortable work area that can adapt to all circumstances and spaces.

Balance between Technology and Nature: Era Home 

Era Home designed by Burotime Design Team Leader  Utkan Kızıltuğ,
represents the perfect balance of technology and nature, offering a functional harmony by blending the sense of coziness created through its wooden legs. Characteristic details of the drawers built-in two compartments makes the user feel as part of the nature, providing a tidy workspace at the same time. The shelf unit provides a space for storing special accessories enabling the user to customize his workspace.

Award-winning Home Office Solutions by Burotime

Burotime was deemed worthy of  the “Good Design Award” in Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards 2018 with the Pi Home, shining out with its natural and eco-friendly properties, developed taking account the new generation home office culture. 

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